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The Kollector story

Many long conversations about design, feel, sound & experience. Stories of “firsts”; the first “real” drive, the first car, the first flat tyre – the list goes on. It’s safe to say that cars and driving run through our blood.

Kollector brings the stories to the public and helps you create new ones.

Whether you’re looking for your first classic car or your fiftieth; we want to be apart of the story.

Driving an amazing machine is like having a holiday every time you drive it. Even driving at its worst in peak hour traffic can be pleasurable and amazing in the right car. You know you have the right car when you look for another reason to drive it: “I’ll go get the bread and milk, I’ll give you a lift there!” Having the right car becomes an extension of you.

We believe cars & coffee just belong together. For years car owners have come together over the combination – it’s an event!
Kollector brings that event to you everyday, rain or shine. Pull up a stool, grab a coffee and take in the view.

Thank you for being part of our story.


The Kollector team