I have been on a quest to trim down my wallet. The one thing that eluded me was acquiring a minimal, natural, and beautiful solution to my every day carry needs.Paul Hanna (Owner & Director of Bare Bones)

As Kollector grows, we want to grow with fellow Aussie brands. Bare Bones is one of them. On a quest to simplify & redesign the everyday staple known as the wallet, Paul Hanna (owner & director) has been working hard on flipping the stigma that the wallet comes with. We all have that friend that seems to sit lop-sided due to the filing cabinet he calls a wallet stuffed in his back pocket (enter George Costanza gif here); Bare Bones is here to change everything.

As Paul puts it:
“‘Bare Bones’ came out of a love of keeping things simple. By simplifying the little things in life, I believe that you create yourself more space to enjoy the big things in life – to stay in the moment and not be caught up in all the noise.”
At Kollector, we couldn’t align ourselves more with this way of living. We believe in the collaboration of simplicity and enjoyment, so what better way to open up our retail store than with the combination of our first run Kollector Tees & Bare Bones ‘Elements’ & ‘Standard’ range!