Like many boys my passion for collecting cars has been lifelong beginning with toys – anything with wheels! I remember receiving my first Scalextric Slot Car set at age 8 and cutting (hacking) the wheel arches to make way for bigger wheels and tyres. I remember being in Italy when I was 14 and practicing driving (with the engine off) in my uncles Fiat at midnight while everyone was asleep. I worked the clutch, worked the gears; couldn’t wait to get on the road and claim my freedom.
I remember turning 16 and 9 months old and waiting for the Road & Traffic Authority in Rosebery, Sydney to open its doors in the morning so I could get my P Plates; my first licence. I passed, I now had my freedom!

For as long as I can remember cars were my joy. I am now 53 years old and have owned more than 200 cars. Everything from Ferraris to Ferozas. I love old school, chrome, wood, aluminium, white wall tyres, the sound of a throaty V8 and beautiful design. I love the way certain cars make you feel on the open road. Not cars to show off to others, I prefer to drive on my own and really take in the car and scenery. Cars are not a ‘thing’ or possession to me, they are a great experience you can have everyday .

Driving an amazing machine is like having a holiday every time I drive it. Even driving at its worst in peak hour traffic can be pleasurable and amazing in the right car. You know you have the right car when you look for another reason to drive it: “I’ll go get the bread and milk, I’ll give you a lift there!” Having the right car becomes an extension of you.

I have loved cars all my life. Now I want to share my passion and make my private collection available to you!

All of my cars are affordable, collectable, desirable and now you can own one. (Or two)

Robert S
– Director & Co-Founder