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Range Rover Classic


Syd, NSW







A Sure Classic

“The original Range Rover (retrospectively dubbed the Classic, after the name was given by Land Rover to the fully-loaded run-out edition of the original shape) was from the first seen as a design classic. It is now seen as a classic car. The height of modernist car design, and exhibited in the Louvre on this basis, the Range Rover created a whole new class of car. The Porsche Cayenne, BMW X5 and plenty of other, lesser, rivals owe their existence to the Range Rover  and the market it created. The Range Rover also brought constant four-wheel drive, coil spring suspension and four-wheel disc brakes to the four-wheel drive market that had, until then, had to put up with part-time four-wheel drive, leaf springs, dire brakes in the dry and no brakes at all once you had forded a river.” ClassicMotorist.com.au


  • Desirable early two door
  • Aluminium body
  • Australian Delivered
  • Smooth, linear 8 Cylinder engine
  • 4 speed manual, linkages are smooth
  • Strong clutch, very easy to drive  Reconditioned original wheels
  • Custom handmade exhaust and extractors
  • Interior in great condition, no rips, tears or bottoming out in seat foam. All adjustments work well. Original carpet in great condition too
  • Alternator replaced
  • Starts first time, warms up smoothly with choke
  • Original radio
  • Zero modifications made
  • Owned by pilot for many years before coming down to Sydney  Suspension is responsive with no rear sagging
  • Steering is direct and straight
  • Brakes are biased correctly and are strong
  • Doors close with ease  crisp and light. 
  • Genuine appreciating classic