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BMW e46 M3


Syd, NSW







The famous straight 6

BMW has made some great cars, but unlike other car manufacturers, BMW’s fame in the automotive and motorsport industry can almost solely be traced back to their incredible ability to make a straight 6 engine. Tracing back to the famous E9 CSL, BMW’s Motorsport straight 6 engine was born to rev, race and sound magnificent. The E46 M3 was no exception, the tune this car sings can be identified in an instant. It’s raspy aggressive note pierces the streets with a touch of the throttle – somewhat of an addictive thing.


  • Maintenance history, including:
  • Minor Service (March 19th) at 175,500km including: oil, filters, lubricants on rubbers etc. Liqui Moly 10w/60
  • Minor Service & New Bilstein Shocks at 170,000km including: oil, filters, lubricants on rubbers etc. Liqui Moly 10w/60
  • Minor Service & 4 New Kumho ECSTA PS91, Brake Pads, new OEM Battery @ 165000 including: oil, filters, lubricants on rubbers etc. Liqui Moly 10w/60, OEM Brake Pads
  • Minor Service & Engine Flush at 160,000kms including: oil, filters, lubricants on rubbers, Liquid Molly engine flush, Liqui Moly 10w/60
  • Major service, Maintenance & Upgrades at 155,000kms including: oil, filters, ngk sparkplugs, smg pump & Liqui Moly 10w/60
  • Vanos Rebuild, Including: Vanos diaphragm springs, Vanos bolts, Vanos Seals, BMW Vanos sealing plate, Vanos gears Rattle repair, Modified oil pump disk and a new chain guide.
  • Bottom End Freshen, Including: a Rod bearing replacement, which included: WPC treated bearings, ARP rod bolts and a new sump gasket.
  • Evolve Engine ECU tune along with a CSL SMG tune. Which basically brought the power up slightly, fills in some flat spots in the rev range whilst also protecting the engine a little more during shifting. The CSL SMG tune gives you the automatic revmatching on downshifts, prolonging the life of the gearbox whilst increasing the shift speed and also lifts the launch control rpm.
  • Major Service, Maintenance & Upgrades at 150,000kms including: oil, filters, ngk sparkplugs, all bushings, smg pump & Liqui Moly 10w/60
  • Suspension Rebuild / Upgrades: Bilstein Shocks, Lowering Eibach Springs, New Front Lower Arms, All bushings replaces, Upgraded Front Swaybay to Whittling 30mms
  • New OEM Brakes Discs and Pads
  • Wheel Stud Conversion Kit
  • OEM+ Headunit with Touchscreen, Nav, Internet/google/emails/phone, Spotify/youtube and Reverse Camera (All functions work on Steering Wheel). Navigation, Internet/Google/Emails/Phone, Spotify/Youtube, MP3/DVD and reverse camera. It also still allows use of steering wheel buttons/functions.
  • The car has a few tiny stone chips and dents, normal wear and tear. The roof is in great condition, no tears no problems. Everything works, and works great!