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Sell your car with us

Selling your car can be time consuming and stressful, often leaving you disappointed with the experience and the price you achieve in return. We can remove all those negatives for you with our Sales and Consignment Services. One of the keys to success is working with enthusiastic, like-minded people who know exactly how to execute the right strategy to produce a result. That’s what we do best.
Whether it’s an outright sale to meet a more immediate need or a focused effort to realise a higher return, we are the right people for the job.

How it works

  • Appointment is made via email, on the phone or in person to discuss the car.
  • You set a price that would like back for the vehicle. (within reason of current market value). This will be discussed with you and recommendations are made based on the current market, the type of vehicle and your time frame to sell with realistic expectations.
  • We calculate any costs to sell the vehicle and add a small margin to your net return with all figures discussed.
  • A Consignment Agreement is generated and signed.
  • The vehicle is prepared for sale and advertised.
  • You will receive feedback on the interest received and discussions with potential buyers.
  • We will also contact you with any reasonable offers from potential buyers close to the asking price allowing you to decide to accept or decline the offer.
  • Once the vehicle is sold funds are transferred to your nominated bank account with 7 business days.