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Insect Cleaner


Insects contains acid which can (if left unattended) damage your paint. Our insect cleaner dissolves organic matter allowing insects to be removed with minimal effort which reduces the risk of paint damage. Combined with the polymer coating left by our Polymer Car Wash, this is the easiest way to remove insects and prevent them damaging your paint.
  • removes insects easily
  • suitable for all surfaces
  • efficient tar removal
Auto Atelier Insect Cleaner enables the efficient removal of insects and tar from all surfaces. Insects are dissolved within a few seconds and easily wiped away.
  • shake bottle vigorously before use
  • prior to car washing, spray the product directly onto the insects to be removed
  • allow approximately 20 seconds for the cleaner to react and dissolve the insects
  • wipe away insects and products using a soft cloth or a microfibre bug and tar sponge
  • use ecowash waterless car wash to clean and protect the surface following the use of insect cleaner

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