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Polymer Car Wash


With Polymer Car Wash you’ll feel guilty doing it any other way – not only does it produce an incredible glossy finish, it protects your paintwork.
Make sure you have a kit at home but also carry this product with you so that you can wash your car wherever you are.
  • water & scratch free
  • polished finish
  • protective coating
Auto Atelier Polymer Car Wash cleans, polishes, protects and seals all smooth non-porous vehicle surfaces without the use of water using a simple 2 step process. Polymer Car Wash contains the exclusive Polyslick 3 formula which surrounds the soil particles with a lubricated film and enables their displacement without scratching the surface. Auto Atelier Polymer Car Wash can be used on all painted bodywork, chrome, glass and plexiglass.
  • use only on dry surfaces
  • do not use on heated surfaces
  • shake bottle vigorously before use
  • spray a light coat directly onto the dirty surface, work in small sections
  • spread the product over the sprayed section using a polishing cloth
  • using a second clean polishing cloth, immediately polish off residue to leave a smooth polished surface
  • repeat the process as necessary to achieve the best result on oxidised or excessively dirty surfaces
  • adjust product use and polishing cloth rotation in accordance with the condition of the vehicle (product suitable for up to 5mm of dirt)

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