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Showroom Finish


Perfect as the finishing touch (over the top of a Polymer Car Wash) or as a ‘touch up’ for cars with a fine dust layer, Showroom Finish enhances the gloss finish and adds another layer of protection to your paint.
  • mirror finish
  • rain dispersant
  • anti-static
  • protective coating
Auto Atelier Showroom Finish is designed for the ongoing maintenance of vehicles regularly washed with Auto Atelier Polymer Car Wash and as the final touch for a showroom finish. Auto Atelier Showroom Finish provides a mirror finish, acts as a rain dispersant, and has anti-static properties for long lasting results. Showroom Finish is suitable for both dry and wet surfaces and can be used on all painted bodywork, chrome, glass and plexiglass.
  • can be used on both wet and dry surfaces
  • do not use on heated surfaces
  • shake bottle vigorously before use
  • spray directly onto the surface to be treated
  • spread the product over the surface using a cotton cloth
  • using a second microfibre polishing cloth, immediately polish off residue to leave a smooth polished and protected surface with a spectacular mirror finish.

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