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Secure, long term car storage IN SYDNEY

Starting from $390 + GST /Month 2 Months free when you pay 12 months upfront

Convenient + Secure

Lacking space? Renovating the house? We have you covered. Car storage in Sydney at a quiet, secure location conveniently located just minutes away from the CBD. No need to travel hours to store or visit your investment.


With long term storage for your investment in mind, we’ve made sure our facility is conveniently located so if you’d like to take your car out for a drive, let us know and we’ll have it ready for you.

Car Vehicle Lift - BMW, Porche - Car Storage in Sydney
Classic Cars - Gull Wing - Car Storage in Sydney

Car love

Whilst your car is being stored, it’ll need some love to maintain it’s condition. Therefore we will take the necessary steps to keeping your car in tip-top shape:

  • Maintain battery with trickle chargers
  • Ensure your tyres are kept at storage pressure
  • Keep your car under dust-repellent covers

transport YOUR CAR

Need to transport your car from door to door safely? We have also teamed up with the best enclosed vehicle transport company in NSW – Veloce Supercar Transport. With the experience of transporting classics to La Ferraris, they’ve got you covered with getting your car safely to Store-Haus.

Classic car being transported in enclosed trailer - Car Storage in Sydney
Kollector Cars Storehaus Logo - Classic Car Background - Car Storage in Sydney

here for you

Here at Kollector Store-Haus we realise how important your car is to you, that’s why we’ve gone to extreme lengths to ensure it’s safe and sound. Let us know what you need and we’ll do our best to serve you. That’s the Kollector way.


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